Sports Injury Clinics

Solihull  - Tamworth - Atherstone
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Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage is available from experienced sports massage therapists which can assist with hard training regimes and injury prevention.  Massage helps recovery after hard training sessions and relaxes tired aching muscles. Our massage therapist has toured the Far East for 5 years with the Lord of The Dance show providing massage to Michael Flatley and his team.  Stretching is vital in injury prevention and stretching advice can be found on our stretching advice page.

We look after and support the Lichfield 10k race every year providing massage therapists for race day.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased at the clinics or by telephoning reception
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Sports Massage
Solihull sports massage team at Atlas Solihull Sports Injury Clinics in the West Midlands perform sports massage and stretching techniques at events and in the Solihull and Tamworth clinics.  Sports massage can be presport, post sport, remedial and deep tissue types.and is beneficial for anyone who undertakes exercise.

Sports massage at Atlas is not just swedish massage and pressing harder, it is a specific form of soft tissue technique which can aid recovery after hard exercise, stretch shortened and tight muscles, relax hypertonic musculature and help prevent unwanted injury.

Atlas have Sports Injury Clinics in Solihull, Tamworth and Atherstone offering sports massage
Andy Mouncey having his quads stretched during his arc to arc success
Sports massage to piriformis
Elite athlete Nathan Woodward - massage with Justine
Spinal manipulation to increase flexibility