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Solihull Sports Injury Clinic supply and fit custom prescription orthotics in Solihull and Tamworth.  Often referred to as foot inserts, foot insoles and arch supports, an orthotic device should provide a biomechanical correction for overpronated feet, which generally describes flat feet with dropped or fallen arches.  In some cases supinated feet may need orthotics to correct the biomechanics.  Should you have a leg length difference then this can be designed into the orthotic to correct this inequality.

At Atlas we prefer semi-rigid orthotics because we feel they are more comfortable and suitable for both runners and sports people.  Rigid orthotics take too long to break in and have no give during footstrike.  Many people supply orthotics but we see so many that do not do the job properly. Prescription orthotics should be bespoke for your individual needs and as well as correct your biomechanics, they should be comfy to wear.
Orthotics for children are often used to correct flat feet, dropped arches and faults with gait.  At Atlas we tend to suggest orthotics should be inexpensive temporary devices until they stop growing.  As an orthotic should provide correction, regular monitoring and replacement of these disposable orthotics should take place during the childs development.  Once the growing is complete then a final assessment can be made and if required a permanent set of orthotics supplied and fitted.

Pronated and overpronated feet are examined, assessed and diagnosed at our Solihull Birmingham Sports Injury Clinic
in Hall Green.  We have Laser Foot Scanning and Video Gait Analysis equipment to accurately assess your lower limb biomechanics and running gait.

Orthotics for runners. Many runners visit Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull as we have a designated Running Injury Clinic with specialised running sports physiotherapists and a sports podiatrist.  We can advise you on injury prevention and training tips for Marathon Running.

We have 2 orthotics on offer at our clinics which include an off the shelf budget orthotic which will generally last someone 2-4 years depending on their use and a top of the range prescription orthotic which has a lifetime guarantee.  We feel this is the best orthotic on the market and combined with the Laser Scan and Video Gait Analysis which are included in the price, these prescription orthotics are both accurate and comfortable.

Prices can be obtained by telephoning reception on 0121 709 5222
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