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Neck Pain
Solihull Sports Injury Clinic physiotherapists and osteopaths offer an alternative to Solihull Chiropractors for neck pain treatment in Solihull West Midlands.

Neck pain can have different causes such as arthritis (wear and tear), bulging discs, ligament sprains, whiplash from a car accident, torticullis, muscle spasm or a referred pain from elsewhere

Stiff necks can be treated successfully with a variety of treatment options such as mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue massage, electrotherapy, stretching and strengthening.

Solihull Chiropractor treatment may involve "cracking your neck" which is a spinal manipulation to release facet joints and where indicated can be effective, however if you prefer an osteopath, physiotherapist or acupuncture treatment for neck pain then visit the Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull who can also offer neck manipulations and other options should you prefer
Neck Collar used to support arthritic neck
Neck pain or neck injury from a whiplash road traffic accident is very common.  Often the ligaments are damaged and require physiotherapy and careful rehabilitation to reduce pain and restore range of movement.  Our Solihull Physiotherapists at Solihull Sports Injury Clinic treat sports related neck injuries but also arthritic conditions which cause neck pain. Neck collars are sometimes used to ease pain during treatment.

Neck pain may involve trapped nerves and our osteopaths are at hand to diagnose and treat nerve related neck pain.
Mechanics of road traffic accident  (rear end shunt)  resulting in a whiplash injury
We offer treatment for neck pain from whiplash and are treatment providers for all private medical insurance companies