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Horse Riding Injuries
Solihull Riding Club is a stones throw from Solihull Sports Injury Clinic. Horse riding can often be the cause of many injuries.  These range from minor sprains, bumps and bruises from falls right through to fractures and serious head injuries in some cases.  A horse is a very large animal of considerable weight and if it falls on top of you then serious injuries may result.  For most of us who ride, we collect only minor injuries and more often back pain from "mucking out" the stables and yard work.

At Atlas Sports Injury Clinic in Solihull West Midlands we see a lot of riders who need help with riding injuries and posture related riding faults.  From showjumping, eventing and hacking we look after the novice right through to the elite rider. Solihull physiotherapists at Solihull Sports Injury Clinic will get you back in the saddle in the fastest time
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  shoulder pain    tennis elbow   neck pain   trapped nerve   sacroiliitis    muscle strains

   stretching advice  electrotherapy    video gait analysis    overpronation    laser foot scanning
Show Jumper Robert Smith with John Williams
Solihull Sports Injury Clinic treat riding injuries and have looked after high profile riders like Show jumper Robert Smith and 3 day eventer Jo Aston

Solihull Riding Club is a local riding club who could benefit from using the Solihull Sports Injury Clinic facilities.

Don't leave back pain or shoulder pain until it stops you riding  Early intervention means swifter recovery times