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Laser Foot Scanning
Solihull Sports Injury Clinic use 3D Laser foot scans as part of their analysis for foot biomechanical assessments.

Laser foot scanning in 3D enables our sports podiatrist to assess accurately contours and mapping of your feet to ensure that our prescription orthotics are bespoke for your needs

Prescription orthotics from Atlas are the best orthotic on the market in our opinion and we ensure they are right for your individual prescription by an in depth biomechanical assessment, weight bearing and non weight bearing before laser scanning your feet. 

Video Gait Analysis, walking and running on a treadmill then follows before the information is completed and your prescription has been finalised. 
Laser foot scan
Biomechanical assessment standing
Non weight bearing assessment
Video gait analysis
Atlas Prescription Orthotics - Semi Rigid allowing for flexibility and control of overpronating feet.  Ideal for athletes and runners who need a little give during foot strike but keeping control of your overpronation problem