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Running Injuries
Lichfield running club host the Lichfield 10k race every year and Atlas Sports Injury Clinic support this race by providing sports massage and sports injury treatments.  The massage therapists and sports therapists from theTamworth clinic provide free onsite treatment for the runners before and after the event
Tamworth Sports Injury Clinic treat Nathan Woodward the elite UKA Nike sponsored 400h athlete.  Nathan narrowly missed selection for team GB at the 2012 London Olympic Games after hitting the final hurdle when looking comfortable to qualify.  Rio is now firmly in his sights as he has some unfinished business
Birmingham Half Marathon and the London Marathon are races which Atlas Sports Injury Clinic prepare runners for.  Regular sports massage and injury treatments from running distances can mean the difference between making it to the starting line or being a spectator.

The Solihull Sports Injury Clinic offers a specialist running injury clinic for treatment of injured runners.  Custom orthotics and gait analysis are available for runners
Solihull Sports Injury Clinic has a running injury clinic dedicated to treating runners and running injuries.  Injury diagnosis and treatment is available from our Solihull Sports Therapists and Solihull Physiotherapists at the clinic.
Lichfield 10k
Local Running Injury Clinic treats running injuries in Solihull, West Midlands
Meghan Beesley is an elite UKA 400 metre hurdles athlete who has used our clinic for years.

Meghan wears Atlas orthotics and will visit us if she needs treatment for athletic injuries
Meghan Beesley