Sports Injury Clinics

Solihull -Tamworth - Atherstone
Telephone 0121 709 5222
achilles tendonitis    plantar fasciitis   tendonitis   ankle sprains    shinsplints    calf strains   knee pain

shoulder pain    tennis elbow   neck pain   trapped nerve   sacroiliitis    muscle strains     stretching advice

electrotherapy    video gait analysis    overpronation    laser foot scanning
Solihull Sports Injury Clinic Treatment Fees are as follows

Solihull Physiotherapy and Sports Massage treatments at Solihull Injury Clinic
Value for money physiotherapy treatments with no waiting times for private patients

Prepay or pay as you go fees are discounted

First Visit - Initial Consultation and treatment                        Up to an 60 mins                52

Follow up appointments  - Associates                                   30 mins                               42
Follow up appointments - John Williams (Clinic Director)    30 mins                              47

Sports Massage  -   I hour            50
Sports Massage  -  30 mins        40

Insurance Fees

Initial Consultation and treatment       Up to 60 minutes        62

Follow Up appointments                        30 minutes                   47