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Ankle Sprains
Sprained ankle and ankle sprains are often very painful with associated swelling or bruising in many cases.

Inversion sprains describe a ligament sprain on the outside of the foot and are the most common of ankle sprains.

Inversion sprains occur when you "go over" or turn your ankle on uneven ground or perhaps when landing after a jump.

The ligament normally damaged is the anterior talofibular ligament which gets overstretched and can sometimes tear away from the bone.
Like all ligament sprains healing can be slow due to the poor blood supply that a ligament has however you can speed up recovery with electrotherapy such as ultrasound or interferential modalities.  Contrast bathing offers benefits if applied at the right time in the healing process.

After the pain has reduced and you are able to walk on the ankle without limping you can begin rehabilitation of proprioceptors and strengthen the muscles around the joint.  Physiotherapy exercises are suggested at this final stage to aid conditioning of the ankle and restore it to its natural function.

Solihull Sports Injury Clinic have a lot of experience in getting athletes back into training quickly after ankle sprains so call the specialists if you have an ankle problem.
Ankle sprain
Solihull Sports Injury Clinic treat ankle sprains.  Ankle sprain treatment at our sports injury clinic in Solihull, West Midlands is fast and effective.